External Telecommunication civil construction

  • Tower, mast and pole installation
  • Tower, mast and pole upgrade strengthening
  • Antenna mounts, ( rooftops and communication structures)
  • Foundations ( raft, screw piles, sleeved piers and retained)
  • Rooftop, walkways, handrails and wall stitching

Antennas, Cables and RF

  • Parabolic, Grid Pak, Panels, Omni, Yagi, Dipole GPS etc.
  • Installation of –  Waveguide, Coaxial, Rigid, Radiating, Composite & Remote tilts
  • Terminations to –  DIN, Splitters, Surge Arrestors, TMA, LNA, Diplexers, RET Panels
  • Testing – Return Loss, Distance to fault and RET panels
  • Swap outs, Relocations, Installations and Outages
  • Site Audits, Line of Sight and Fault Restoration
  • In-building coverage

Pacific Towers & Communications’ boundaryless approach allows us to reach within and across our countrywide network to provide the best people and resources to our clients.

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